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During my term as department chair I had relatively little time for the development of this site. Now that my administrative duties are complete I have enjoyed a return to matters KAP. Of late I have found ample opportunities to fly kites, take photographs, make prints, and work on new rigs. But the WWW site has continued to languish. It seems at times that my web Muse has taken a new position as a short order cook in Indiana. As a strategy to kick start new page development I have inaugurated a new form of gallery page. Thumbnail Galleries will gather images that are thematically related and present them with a minimum of fuss. I have been fooling around with the Web Gallery feature of Photoshop 7.0. The nice folks at Adobe have provided means to customize the thumbnail pages created by their script and this makes them easier to incorporate into this site. What could be better?

Well there is one aspect of posting thumbnail image galleries that leaves me a bit uneasy. Unlike my regular gallery pages these thumbnail galleries contain a large number of relatively unedited images. This makes sense for presenting the results of a shoot to someone interested in using the images.  I often find it difficult to predict which image will resonate with a user. So, consider these casual presentations of otherwise unposted works -- perhaps the precursors of future pages with more carefully selected images and proper accompanying content. You will undoubtedly find redundancies in content and composition in the thumbnails; skip over them blithely as you sample those of interest.

Thumbnail Gallery pages posted so far:

  Thumbnail Gallery Camera # of images Date posted
University Village, Albany Step 2 Canon S500 70 1 June 2005
Lower Cordornices Creek in Berkeley Canon S400 81 28 Oct. 2004
Salt Pond at Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge Canon S400 55 10 Oct. 2004
A big whopping Hagaman airfoil at the Berkeley Waterfront Canon S400 110 14 Sept. 2004
The Baltic Sea islands of Christianso and Frederickso Canon S400 80 10 August 2004
A selection of salt pond shots from South San Francisco Bay varies 97 10 August 2004
Images from my Summer 04 Denmark Trip Canon S400 150 18 July 2004
A Memorial to César Estrada Chávez, Berkeley Waterfront Canon S400 79 18 May 2004
Building Science camping trip at Pt. Reyes - 2004 Canon S400 54 3 May 2004
Mori Point, Pacifica Canon Rebel 18 19 March 2004
Contra Costa County, Altamont Hills, Walnut Creek Canon S400 44 8 July 2003
Contra Costa County, Mt. Diablo, Dougherty Valley Canon S400 66 8 July 2003
The 2003 Marin County Fair Canon S400 118 8 July 2003
The SF Bay Shrimp Junk Project Canon S400 31 30 June 2003
Student design project at Wurster Hall Canon S400 55 26 June 2003
Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park (revisited) Canon S400 39 25 June 2003
Doe Library, UC Berkeley Canon S400 39 25 June 2003
Frank Lloyd Wright's Marin Civic Center Canon S400 51 23 June 2003
The San Francisco Lawn Bowling Club Canon S400 19 23 June 2003
Central Campus, UC Berkeley (candidate images for a specific request) varies 28 19 June 2003
In the vicinity of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area varies 71 12 June 2003
San Francisco Bay, Images from the Edge varies 50 8 June 2003
Berkeley Civic Center Canon S400 50 7 June 2003
South Beach Harbor in San Francisco Canon S400 128 3 June 2003
A session with the Berkeley Fire Department Canon S400 100 3 June 2003
Building Science camping trip at Pt. Reyes Canon S400 80 1 June 2003
Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park Canon S400 35 29 May 2003
Examples from the S100 Digital Elph Canon S100 33 8 May 2003
  Examples from the S200 Digital Elph Canon S200 25 8 May 2003
  Examples from the S400 Digital Elph Canon S400 20 8 May 2003
  SFAI Class visit to the Wave Organ Canon S200 56 18 April 2003


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