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BentonsA WWW design should have a site SEARCH feature for sites larger than 100 or so web pages. The KAP site is now up to 250 pages and has long needed a search page. Now, thanks to the Department's reorganization of servers, we have one.

Use the form above to search for documents in this web containing specific words or combinations of words. The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching documents, with better matches shown first. A brief explanation of the query language is available, along with examples.

Query Language

The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. For example:

picavet pekabe
finds documents containing 'picavet' or 'pekabe'

picavet OR pekabe
same as above

picavet AND pekabe
finds documents containing both 'picavet' and 'pekabe'

picavet NOT pekabe
finds documents containing 'picavet' but not 'pekabe'

(picavet NOT pekabe) AND suspension
finds documents containing 'suspension', plus 'picavet' but not 'pekabe'

finds documents containing words starting with 'web'

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