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Three happy KAPers -- Brooks Leffler, Cris Benton, and Simon Harbord -- holding their Yashica P&S KAP rigs in Brooks' Monterey, California workshop (28K jpg, February 1997, photo by Charlie Benton).


One of the nice things about an emerging area of interest is the opportunity to move in new circles and meet new people. My experience so far finds the Kite Aerial Photography community to be a fine group of folks. To a person, the KAPers I've met like Anne Rock, Wolfgang Bieck, and Brooks Leffler have been open and generous in sharing their knowledge and technique. For that matter so have quite a few I look forward to meeting like Craig Wilson and Steve Eisenhauer, both members of the AKA Aerial Photography Committee and frequent contributors to the Aerial Eye. When I do get time to spend with one of these photographers it is often like taking an advanced seminar and that leads me to the purpose of these pages. In this section I will gather my notes and present some of the more useful information that others have shared.

One introduction to the photographs of others is the Voice of the Viewer -- a site feature added in 2001. This page allows visitors to nominate KAP images found on the WWW as a favorite image. In doing so they provide a brief critique of the image to explain why it appeals. A second page provides a list of the nominated images. From there you can click to the images themselves.

Wolfgang Bieck - I met Wolfgang this last July when he visited California on the way to receive his award for winning the World Kite Museum's Eddy Centennial Kite Aerial Photography Competition. Wolfgang, hailing from northern Germany, has been active in Kite Aerial Photography for over eight years. In this time he has assembled a stunning portfolio of images and a clear, considered technique.

Anne Rock - As noted elsewhere in this web site, Anne provided my introduction to Kite Aerial Photography in 1994. Since then she has patiently served as a mentor of sorts and this has been distinctly helpful in this role. She was also one of my first sources of Internet-based information via a 1993 KAP FAQ.

Simon Harbord - During February 1996 Simon Harbord, a resident of Scotland, sent me a fascinating series of messages recounting his experiences developing KAP rigs in the 1980s. I've assembled this material into several WWW pages. Check this link for Simon's inventive suggestions for camera rig design, examples of his aerial work, a tree tale, and even a set of KAPisms (observations made with the voice of experience.)

Michel Dusariez - Michel is the founder and president of the Kite Aerial Photography Worldwide Association (KAPWA) and has described the KAPWA-Foundation on other pages at this site. He is avid photographer with a long-standing interest in kite aerial photography and a keen talent for the technical details. More recently, Michel Dusariez has become interested in panoptic photography or the technique of photographing panoramas with a spinning camera. He has contributed material for a panoptic page that includes a kite-lofted panoptic aerial image.

Bob Pebly - A page with images and a rig photo from Floridian Bob Pebly. Bob started kite aerial photography about a year ago and in now flying a Yashica T4.

Jan van der Elsen - I've received an (electronic) packet of material from Jan showing his first KAP efforts -- impressive indeed. Jan is an associate of Simon Harbord and has been bitten by the bug. His pages provide a description of his approach and images from northern Scotland.

bnelson.gif (10949 bytes)Bill Nelson - This New York photographer sent a page of material in describing his low cost approach to firing a reusable camera - the Bill Nelson ice trigger. Bill's page also includes some reusable camera images taken in New York.

With luck I will be able to expand this section as I expand my circle of acquaintances in Kite Aerial Photography so keep posted.

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