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The pages at this WWW site provide snapshots of my learning curve in kite aerial photography. As I post this note (November, 1996) I've been taking kite aerial photographs for one and a half years. It has been a delightful hobby:

What's New Page
What's New Archive Page

Background Information on Kite Aerial Photography and related topics including pointers to source materials on the Internet and in other forms. The links in this section proved useful as I tried to get a handle on KAP. It turns out that there are surprising sources of information out there waiting to be found.

Aerial Perspectives Real and Imagined

Links to other Internet Resources

Aerial Eye Introduction and Subscription Information
Aerial Eye Covers - First Year
Aerial Eye Covers - Second Year
Aerial Eye Covers - Third Year
Aerial Eye Covers - Fourth Year
Aerial Eye Covers - FifthYear

Spring 1996 KAPWA Newsletter, Part 1
Spring 1996 KAPWA Newsletter, Part 2
Spring 1996 KAPWA Newsletter, Part 3

Questions & Amswers No. 1
Notes on KAP Safety No. 1
Notes on KAP Safety No. 2
A 1993 KAP FAQ by Anne Rock
On Positioning the Camera
The KAP Discussion Page

Catalog Page

The Campanile Project - Introduction
The Campanile Project - Preparatory Work
The Campanile Project - Cloudy Day Shoot
The Campanile Project - Flying from the Top

A Day in the Life of a KAPer
Incidental Portraits
The World's Most Specialized Barter System
The What's Not So New Page
My KAP Curriculum Vitae

Information on Equipment and Technique - This section provides details on the equipment with which I have direct experience. Sections include kites, radio-control equipment (work in progress), cameras, camera cradles, suspensions, and a discussion of lower cost alternatives.

Equipment Table of Contents

Framed Kites for Lifting
Soft Kites for Lifting

My KAP Cameras
Radio Control Basics by Peter Bults

Camera Cradle Table of Contents
KAP Rig #1 - Yashica T4
KAP Rig #2 - Canon Rebel X
KAP Rig #3 - Yashica T4 Super
The Picavet Suspension

Field Bag - My 'Essentials' KAP Kit
Roster of my Gear (with approximate costs and sources)
Low-Cost Approaches
Bill Nelson's Ice Trigger

A Gallery of Kite Aerial Photography Images - I've been following Craig Wilson's advice (Aerial Eye, Vol. 1, No. 1) that experience is best accrued by taking photographs. I've packaged images from my expeditions in pages of four to eight images each. Most of the images are from the Bay Area. The gallery table of contents is now in reverse chronological order because I think the more recent efforts have turned out better.

Gallery Table of Contents Page (organized by subject)

Best of Site Sampler Pages (as of May 1997)

Sampler No. 1 - Nautical
Sampler No. 2 - Architectural
Sampler No. 3 - Miscellaneous

Spring 2001

The Loire meets the Vienne
Village of St. Martin, France
Sunflowers at Chateau d'Ussy
Chinon, France from the Chateau
Chinon, France No. 2
The Vineyards north of Chinon

Summer 2000

Longues Battery in Normandy #2
Longues Battery in Normandy #1
Hearst Mining Building Seismic Retrofit #2
Hearst Mining Building Seismic Retrofit #1
Wurster Hall Seismic Retrofit #2
Wurster Hall Seismic Retrofit #1

Spring 2000

Ford Motor Car Assembly Plant #3
Ford Motor Car Assembly Plant #2
Ford Motor Car Assembly Plant #1
Life Science Building, UC Berkeley
Wellman Hall, UC Berkeley
Fort Point in San Francisco
Mt. Davidson Neighborboods
Mt. Davidson in San Francisco
pueblo bonito in Chaco Canyon Intro
pueblo bonito in Chaco Canyon Bluff
pueblo bonito in Chaco Canyon Rock
Bryce Canyon Introduction
Bryce Canyon Abstractions
Bryce Canyon Hoodoos
Skim Boarding at Drake's Beach
Sunset at Bolinas Ridge
Midday at Drake's Beach
Edwards Track Stadium #2
Edwards Track Stadium #3
Sproul Plaza #1, UC Berkeley

Summer 1999

Goldsmith Seeds #2
Goldsmith Seeds #1
Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala
North Shore of Oahu, Misc.
North Shore of Oahu, Vacation Rentals
North Shore of Oahu, Old Haleiwa Town
North Shore of Oahu, Ocean's Edge #2
North Shore of Oahu, Ocean's Edge #1
North Shore of Oahu, Introduction

Spring 1999

Canyon de Chelly #2
Canyon de Chelly #1

Fall 1998

Ocean Beach Sand Castle Contest
A Trip through the American Southwest
Near the St. Francis Yacht Club

Summer 1998

St. Simons Island - Lighthouse
St. Simons Island - King & Prince Hotel
St. Simons Island - Pelican Spit
St. Simons Island - Tino's Boat
St. Simons Island - East Beach
Battery Mendell Revisited

Spring 1998

Brickyard Landing Condominiums #2
Brickyard Landing Condominiums
Marc Guetre at Marin Headlands
The Port of Oakland
Return to Wurster Hall
Central Campus at Sunset

Winter 1998

Houses under Construction
Chimney Rock Revisited
Near Drake's Beach
Surfing at Drake's Beach
Near the Pacific School of Religion #2
Near the Pacific School of Religion
Harmon Gym under Renovation
CAL Sports Stadia
Spring on Bolinas Ridge Road
Spring on Bolinas Ridge Road #2
The Point Bonita Lighthouse #2
The Point Bonita Lighthouse

Fall 1997

Adventures in the Port of Oakland
Return to the Berkeley Waterfront
Pt. Richmond Oil Tanks
Richmond Yacht Club, Assorted Boats
Richmond Yacht Club, General Views
Richmond Yacht Club, El Toros
Return to Pigeon Point

Summer 1997

Canoes on Lake Utica
DNA Sculpture at the Lawrence Hall of Science
Plaza Views at the Lawrence Hall of Science
More Views of Lake Utica
Boy Scout Camp at Lake Utica
Cilantro Fields in the Salinas Valley
The Society of Building Science Educators
The Santa Barbara Beachfront
The Santa Barbara Municipal Pier
Corn and Hay in the Central Valley

Spring 1997

Berkeley's Fourth Street Shopping District
Surfers at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz
Natural Bridges Area of Santa Cruz
The Dutch Windmill
The West End of Golden Gate Park
Coyote Hills, Ground Texures
Coyote Hills in Spring
Waves at Drake's Beach
Drake's Beach, Pt. Reyes
The Marin County Civic Center
DOE Library at UC Berkeley
The Conservatory in GGP
Lawn Bowling in Golden Gate Park

Winter 1997

Pierce Ranch on a Clear Day
Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz
The Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse
Holy Hill at Sunset
Telegraph Hill at Sunset
Bolinas Ridge Road #2
Bolinas Ridge Road #1
KAP Portraits
Pumpkins, Pigs, and Piers
Telegraph Hill

Fall 1996

UC Berkeley - Yet More Central Campus
UC Berkeley - More Central Campus
Point Bonita
Battery Mendell in November
Richmond Yacht Club #2
Point Richmond Revisited
A Stearman PT-17 Biplane
The Jeremiah O'Brien (a Liberty Ship)
Autumn Shots of the Campanile
Richmond Yacht Club at Sunset
St. Francis Yacht Club #2
St. Francis Yacht Club #1
Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Summer 1996

Kayaks at Jack London Square
Pier 39 in San Francisco
Crissy Field in San Francisco
Mud Flat at Coyote Hills
Coyote Hills Regional Park
Playground, Golden Gate Park
the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Bentons on the Beach
A Limantour Beach Sunday
Laser/Radial US Nationals
More Jack London Square
Jack London Square in Oakland
Beach Abstractions
More Beach Scenes from Kapa'a
A Kapa'a Beachfront in Early Light
The Boy Scouts Do a Good Deed

Spring 1996

UC Berkeley - The Campanile Revisited
Above the Berkeley Yacht Club
Coast Camp Birthday
Beach Abstractions
Limatour Beach at Sunset
UC Berkeley - High Views of Central Campus
UC Berkeley - Doe Library
Marin Headlands, Battery Mendell
More Berkeley Waterfront
UC Berkeley - Wurster Hall
UC Berkeley - Central Campus Revisited
DNA Sculpture at the Lawrence Hall of Science
Lawrence Hall of Science

Winter 1996

Around the San Francisco Waterfront
Images from a Berkeley Afternoon
Images from a Sailboat
More Marin Headlands
Berkeley Marina #2
UC Berkeley - Central Campus

Fall 1995

UC Berkeley - Campanile
Pierce Ranch #2
Waves at Limatour
Inverness Yacht Club #2
Limantour Beach
Chimney Rock
Santa Cruz Coastline Page
Pacific School of Religion

Summer 1995

Pt. Reyes Seashore
Marin Headlands
Pierce Ranch #1
Inverness Yacht Club #1
Berkeley Marina #1
Berkeley Waterfront Green

Other Kite Aerial Photographers - It has been my great fortune to meet a number of experienced kite aerial photographers during the last year. The experience is often like taking an advanced seminar. These pages summarize the best of these encounters and provide a glimpse of how others approach the topic (work in progress).

Other KAPers Table of Contents

Wolfgang Bieck
Wolfgang Bieck - Gallery No. 1

Anne Rock - Frequently Asked Questions

Simon Harbord Introduction
Simon Harbord - KAP Rig
Simon Harbord - Gallery of Vintage Images
Simon Harbord - Gallery - Castles and History
Simon Harbord - Gallery - Abstracts and Objects
Simon Harbord - The Guiding Light
Simon Harbord - Kapisms
Simon Harbord - A Tree Story

Michel Dusariez's Panoptic Camera

Rob Pebly - Photos

Jan van der Elsen - Introduction
Jan van der Elsen - Photos

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