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Art Installations #2
Burning Man 2001

A couple stands within a misshapen sphere on the left and a multisectioned vehicle that provided public transportation with a fire-breathing dragon motif (Canon 24-mm, August 2001).

Buckminster Fuller would have been proud of the inventiveness and playfulness of some the structures at Burning Man. Black Rock City was dotted by a score of geodesic domes with and without coverings. And then there was this unusual example of having the structure complete the entire sphere. It was an interesting object to encounter out on the playa. Take a look at Bob Stahl's fine WWW page Temporary Desert Structures and let your mind run wild. Bob works with the Black Rock City Department of Public Works and knows how to get things done.

I have lately been mulling over what I would do differently should I return to Burning Man -- and I am quite inclined to return. One change will be to focus more on the art installations. as a subject. These endeavors reflect the dedicated, creative energy that seems to be the lifeblood of the gathering. I think that I will also make a more concerted effort to meet the people behind these structures and to learn their stories. 

A quartet of images from the inner playa: on the left is a thirty-foot-tall polychromatic tower erected just behind our camps seen from above. To the right is a more abstracted oblique view of shadow play from the tower. The base of this tower held a cushioned, circular lounge that was frequently filled with friendly and snug people. Neil K. has a fine nighttime shot of this tower on his site and it was indeed a useful landmark on the dark horizon.  (Canon 24-mm, August 2001)
The lower pair of images shows the Plastic Chapel, where your author participated in a wedding, with a bride and groom on the stage (I believe they were photographer's models). On the right, a woman rides a large fish vehicle  (Canon 24-mm, August 2001)

The fish vehicle was great. I recall, on a previous occasion, watching a particularly enthusiastic young woman riding the fish's western saddle while vigorously whipping said fish with a leather bullwhip -- sort of a large desert fish dominatrix. This was surprisingly entertaining for the random audience she encountered on the playa and apparently for the dominatrix herself. The fish, being inanimate, did not seem worse for the wear.  

Girl on a swing -- it is fun to find a swing in the middle of the desert. Elsewhere in Black Rock City you could find a seesaw (aka teeter-totter) written at a large scale. As I watched one woman, shown in the righthand image dressed in red, reach the seesaw's apex with a large jolt and scream for more (Canon 24-mm, August 2001)

My Kite Aerial Photography site has been picked up by a surprising number of family-approved outfits who note that kite aerial photograph seems an appropriately wholesome activity for the youngsters. For instance, I learn from where I have been listed in the TopSites category that I am also "Net-Mom Approved" complete with a cute apple pie logo. Such a world we live in. Truth be known, I have been thus inspired to maintain a high level of decorum on this site. Therefore, I generally thought it was just as well that most of my human subjects were clothed. One exception is the 'girl on a swing' (above) where I thought an ode to Maxfield Parrish was in order. No, I didn't ask.

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