Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Hearst Memorial Mining Building Retrofit #2
University of California, Berkeley

A handsome sectional model of the Hearst Mining Building redesign that I found in the project's construction trailer.   (Canon A5, May 2000)

I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the ongoing seismic retrofit of the Hearst Mining Building and developed an appreciation of the care and inventiveness involved in the team's approach. The project goes well beyond structural strengthening to restore the building much closer to its original design.  Two light courts (evident in the lateral section model above) are being reclaimed by removing added in-fill office space and the old high-bay drilling equipment lab is being partially restored. Bravo. 

The restoration is restoring a longitudinal centerline skylight that once covered the high-bay lab for drilling equipment.  (Canon 24-mm left and Canon A5 right, May 2000)

My aerial  photographs don't really seem to do the project justice. Perhaps this is appropriate given the enormous investment being made below the building. The lack of compelling images is also the result of a murky atmosphere and the somewhat chaotic roofscape of the construction project. Still, I enjoy these snapshots that capture a heroic, epic intervention to protect a revered campus structure. 

A quartet of retrofit views (Canon 24-mm, May 2000)

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