Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Wurster Hall Retrofit #2
University of California, Berkeley

The seismic retrofit process of Wurster Hall is something short of midway. We moved out of the building in the summer of 1999, leaving the north half of the building unoccupied. Contractors are currently at work adding concrete shear walls and a post hoc foundation for the massive building. Meanwhile, my department is scattered across five campus buildings in a process reminiscent of camping.

Views from above the north tower. On the left you can see the uppermost roof of the tower and, on the right, is a view from above the tower toward the department's new quarters at the Hearst Field Annex  (Canon 24-mm, May 2000)

Images on this page where taken on a late Friday afternoon after a fine sea breeze arrived. The Sutton 30 flew quite well in the freshening breeze and lifted the camera nicely over the Wurster tower. What a fine way this was to end the work week. I was assisted by colleague Nezar AlSayyad.

These are shots from around 150 feet above ground level. On the left is a shot down toward the tower while the righthand shot shows the Faculty Club with Minor Hall in the foreground (Canon 24-mm, May 2000)

On the left is a Wurster Hall roofscape. On the right the camera was hovering just in front of the tower's western face. This was one of those great flying circumstances where the shadow of the camera rig on the building provided location clues (Canon, 15-mm left, 24-mm right, May 2000)

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