Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Midday at Drake's Beach
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

A plan view of the surf line in the lee of the bluffs at Drake's Beach  (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).

During the Easter weekend we headed out to Pt. Reyes for a viewing of the spring bloom of wild flowers (dandy!) and perhaps a bit of aerial photography.  I have grown very fond of our Sunday outings to Pt. Reyes. It makes for a family trip that is both adventuresome and restful. Who could ask for more? 

A ground level shot of your author in sustained 30-mph winds. The 250-pound kiteline behind me, connected to the Sutton 16, was very taunt. Kite and kiteline are more visible in the jpg  (Canon 15-mm, April 2000).

Knowing that I been thwarted by lack of wind during my last few outings, my muse decided to make amends by providing a fresh breeze.  Turns out she got carried away -- the wind was too fresh for KAP.  I measured a sustained 26 mph at ground level with gusts to 43 mph. I was quickly wishing that I'd brought the Sutton 8 along but alas it was at home. At Chimney Rock I flew the Sutton 16, my smallest available kite, and it pulled like a horse. Though the lift was truly impressive I couldn't trust a camera to it.

Later we went to Drake's Beach. There the winds were blowing offshore and the steep bluff provided shelter from the wind for us humans. We stayed there for a few hours while son Charlie played with his newly-made skim board. I flew the Sutton 16 here for twenty minutes or so and then sent the Canon aloft to photograph Charlie's skim board antics. The shots on this page were taken later when the camera was at a higher altitude.

Drake's Beach from a higher altitude. Charlie is visible on his skim board in the upper center of the left image.  (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).

The images on this page were scanned with a new HP scanner (4200C) connected to an USB port on my work machine. At this early stage, it is not producing scans equaling those from my older HP scanner. The older scanner is a SCSI device, however, and not immediately compatible with my new computer (sigh.) Part of the difference may be that these are midday photographs and lack some of the color and variation of shots taken at the edge of the day.

An oblique of the Drake's Beach facilities (left) and the surf zone with an outbound surfer for scale  (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).


More shots of the surf zone (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).


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