Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Sunset on Bolinas Ridge Road
Mt. Tamalpais State Park

Faithful readers will recall Bolinas Ridge, the site of my rather spectacular lapse of  parking protocol. Well, I am still very fond of this magnificent ridgeline with its view of the Marin County shoreline 2000 feet below. When this year's hectic spring schedule allowed a day off I headed to the ridge with the notion of getting a camera aloft. I'd also planned to hang out in Marin and attend the evening meeting of a group of Marin amateur astronomers. I arrived around 3 pm to find an absolutely spectacular day except for one aspect -- nary a breeze. Time for a nap.

From Bolinas Ridge looking east of north (left) and northwest (right) toward Bolinas proper  (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).

And a fine nap it was. As the day wound down a light breeze arrived and this provided the opportunity to fly my carbon-framed Rokkaku. A few years ago I got out of the pattern of using this kite largely due to its occasional habit of inverting and crashing. This time it seems to fly in an altogether stable fashion. Just as the sun was setting the wind increased to provide enough lift to just barely get the camera aloft. I was able to get a roll of film taken after all.

Views down Bolinas Ridge to the north (left) and south (right.) I am visible in the lower right of the north-looking image.  (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).


These shots show me standing at my flying site. The first was taken during the low altitude phase of 'scooting' the camera out by spooling off kiteline (Canon 24-mm, April 2000).


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