Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

North Shore of Oahu
Old Haleiwa Town

A view of the Anahulu Stream bridge and the adjoining peninsula hosting Sea and Surf, our snorkel purveyors . A more geometric marina earthwork fills the lower frame (29K jpg, Canon 24-mm, June 1999).

As mentioned earlier, I struggled with intermittent winds throughout the Oahu trip. Several times I visited the old town section of Haleiwa with the thought of photographing its signature double arch bridge (I wonder if Ray Kroc vacationed here as a child?) Three successive attempts to loft a camera were thwarted by fluky winds but only after I had sweated a liter or so of moisture. Happily there were sources of some very fine shave ice nearby. On our last day in Oahu the trade winds finally returned and I had hopes for steady lift. So after a morning of kidney pounding action with the kids on jet skis I retired once again to the bridge to try for a few midday shots.

The last attempt succeeded with both kite and camera flying well. Were that the winds on previous days had been as generous. So, while the family sought out its last shave ice I took the images displayed on this page. They involved launching the kite slightly out of town and then walking down the highway until I reached the bridge.

Higher photographs taken as the sky developed a partial overcast. In the left view you can see a portion of the marina and Old Town Haleiwa's highway strip near the horizon. On the right is a view looking west from the same spot.(39K jpg left and 22K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, June 1999).

There was a slight overcast building as I shot the roll. In general, I don't mind shooting under an overcast sky. With the clouds serving as a diffuser, colors soften as do shadows.

A quartet of waterfront images near Old Town Haleiwa. The upper left image (35K jpg) is a view over the marina toward the highway bridge. The upper right image (32K jpg) shows the grounds of a paddling club with its outrigger canoes nice ordered in storage. The lower right image (26K jpg) was taken over a seawall as the skycover intensified. This is a very interesting image as beyond the seawall's end, where two kids stand, the world fades into nothingness. Finally, the lower left image (34K jpg) is a plan shot of moored boats (Canon 24-mm, June 1999).

It was a fitting end to a week of KAPing to have a session where I could think more about the photographs than keeping my camera in the air and out of the water. Now for some more shave ice.

A closer view of the old double-arched Haleiwa bridge. This narrow bridge carries the island's perimeter two-lane highway.  (32K jpg, Canon 24-mm, June 1999).

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