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A Trip through the American Southwest
More Canyon de Chelly

Ground-level views of a shady bend in the canyon bottom and one of the canyon's many pueblo ruins  (19K jpg, Canon 24-mm left and 49K jpg, Canon 28-105-mm right, June 1998).

One of the things I noticed about taking kite photographs on a road trip was that it was difficult to align time, light and wind. At home I can keep a weather eye out for the wind and photograph various subjects -- I keep a list of "to shoot" places -- as conditions warrant. On the road there were schedules to be met and I was often faced with "now or never" as the context for taking shots. And so it was on the rim of Canyon de Chelly. The winds were quite variable and the camera rig swayed through azimuths shifts of 60 degrees. I would like to return and shoot the canyon at a more leisurely pace.

View back toward the promontory from which I flew. This session was a race to get the camera aloft before the sun set and once up I struggles with lens flare and the deep shadows of the canyon. I should have been there 30 minutes earlier. On the right is a  view of Spider Rock as the sunset overtook it. The camera is quite tilted here, a consequence of particularly gusty winds at the canyon's rim (25K jpg each, Canon 24-mm, June 1998).

One of the brighter views of the canyon bottom. The walls are around 800 feet high at this point. It felt like a long way down  (38K jpg, Canon 24-mm, June 1998).

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