Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Near the St. Francis Yacht Club
San Francisco, California

go to location mapIn October 1998 I left work a little early on a fine Friday afternoon to meet a crew from the cable television channel ZDTV. We were scheduled to discuss the Kite Aerial Photography WWW site and film an interview. For part of the interview the camera crew followed ZDTV's SuChin Pak and myself as we shot a roll of film in the vicinity of the St. Francis Yacht Club. The pressures of the Fall Semester and particularly committee work (the bane of academia) had kept me from the kites for around a moth and it was great to get a camera aloft again. A 15 mph wind came off the bay with a few holes in it but the Sutton 30 flew well as did the camera. Additional images taken during the interview are available on a background section page.

Aerial views of San Francisco's yacht basin looking west toward Crissy Field and the Golden Gate Bridge and east toward Marina Green (35K jpg left and 31K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, October 1998).

Now the regular visitors to this site may have concluded that I already have a lifetime supply of moored sailboat shots. Still, it was interesting to shoot the docks again after a hiatus of almost a year. I found that it was much easier to place the camera near a boat's mast than it was in the early days. This was once quite frightening and now seems straightforward. There is a lot to be said for practice.

Plan views of dock and boat shapes. On the left I am between and not too far above the masts of two ketches (are is it yawls?) On the right small dinghies are stored where the dock geometries collide.  (32K jpg left and 34K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, October 1998).

It was fun walking around the docks with SuChin and the ZDTV crew. There was a time a couple of years ago where the strain of negotiating the camera rig past the old cypress trees and over the sailboat masts would have provoked anxiety but it has really become second nature by now. Of course, I would take this to mean that I am sorely overdue for an embarrassing and humbling experience --  perhaps a camera taking a swim or a cradle entangled in the tallest mast.  In any event, all ended well that day.

brycec&t.gif (42525 bytes)

On the left a diagonal ramp connects quay and dock. SuChin and I are visible on the walkway. On the right a sailor washes down a sailboat on a cradle. He never looked up as we flew the camera overhead and took these shots. (36K jpg left and 35K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, October 1998).

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