Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

King & Prince Hotel
St. Simons Island, Georgia

ssk&p8.gif (34668 bytes)Deck chairs awaiting (26K jpg, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

When Claudia and I were married in 1972 we spent our honeymoon night at the King & Prince Hotel. I am fond of the establishment to this day. The hotel is situated on the Atlantic shore of St. Simons Island's East Beach -- an area that has experienced beach erosion over the last couple of decades. The upper tideline is now features rip-rap to protect the hotel's grounds.  These shots were taken on two different flying occasions, both in the late afternoon hours. 

I have been growing increasingly sensitive to roofscapes and the ample clutter we assign to these generally out of sight surfaces.  The images below serve as a case in point. I guess one must seek buildings from that predate 1950 to find a visually clean roof.

ssk&p1.gif (37244 bytes)ssk&p2.gif (39769 bytes)Here are a pair of higher views looking nominally south (left) and north (right) from a vantage point above the King & Prince.  The righthand view shows the marsh lying inland of East Beach and the main corpus of St. Simons Island beyond. (31K jpg left and 38K jpg right, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

St. Simons provided gentle breezes for the kite and I enjoyed flying here.  One engages the landscape here in a different manner from the usual.  For one thing the islands have precious little topography.  Every location within a couple of hours travel time is pretty near flat.  Nor does one get a higher perspective from human-made objects.  The occasional bridge will get you above the marsh or river but most buildings hug the ground. There is a lighthouse (see next gallery page) but I have never been to its top. I find these kite views special for they reveal a landscape blurred by memory and the absence of higher viewpoints.

ssk&p3.gif (38656 bytes)ssk&p4.gif (43092 bytes)Views of the King & Prince swimming area with its oval pool and lounge chairs.  While a surprising number of folks still lie out under the bright Georgia sun to acquire a suntan, this census finds many empty chairs. The printed version of the righthand image is quite detailed and features a fine textured pattern of shadows from the unseen fence rails as rendered by a weakening sun. (36K jpg each, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

ssk&p5.gif (36341 bytes)ssk&p6.gif (41185 bytes)Closer views of pool deck and chairs. I had a brief conversation with the two fellows on the right, usual questions (34K jpg left and 28K jpg right, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

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