Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Pelican Spit
St. Simons Island, Georgia

sspelican1.GIF (33415 bytes)The sinuous outlet of a small drainage on the diminutive, uninhabited Pelican Spit (19K jpg, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

The first stop on our Intracoastal Waterway outing was Pelican Spit -- a small island facing the ocean between Sea Island and Little Saint Simon's Island. We arrived at the spit around 7:30 am and circumnavigated it on foot in 20 minutes. Rather than fish I decided to get a kite up with the hope of capturing the soft morning light.  It took a half hour for the kite to fly well but I eventually got the Sutton 30 to lift the Yashica T4 Super rig.  It flew reasonably well in a very light breeze. I then walked around the northwestern side of the island taking images of the landscape and its textures.

This was a rare early morning KAP session for me. As with many early morning experiences I wonder why I do not get out more often at this hour.   I guess one excuse is that there is generally less wind in the early hours - makes the morning KAP shots all the more special.

I exchanged a couple of notes awhile back with a University of Georgia geographer interested in documenting dune zonation. These shots made me think of the exchange but I have lost his name. If you are out there, these were taken with your note in mind.

sspelican3.GIF (44652 bytes)sspelican2.GIF (40071 bytes)

On the left, a high plan view of the islands leeward beach showing zones of dune, morning glory, tide zone, and surfline.  On the right is a drainage-stained section of beach showing contrast between the confection sugar dry sand and darker wet sand -- reminds me a bit of Idaho (42K jpg left and 31K jpg right, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

This was a fine day to be flying a kite, particularly in the cooler hours of morning.  I must report that kite flying tends to be more stressful in the heat of a Southeastern summer. I often found my delicate Northern California self exposed to extremes of sun, heat, and humidity and at times it just did not make sense to fly a kite. This made the cool (well at least not hot) conditions of the morning a treat.

sspelican8.GIF (48628 bytes)sspelican6.GIF (48064 bytes)Near plan views of beach textures -- on the left is the lair of a sand crab complete with recent tracks.  The tide has washed surrounding sand free of marks.  On the left is a pioneering tuft of dune grass.  Both of these images were taken from a height of around three feet (45K jpg left and 52K jpg right, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

sspelican7.GIF (49416 bytes)sspelican5.GIF (50811 bytes)A pair of images revealing the texture of morning glory runners as seen in plan. Blossoms are visible here and there.  (54K jpg left and 62K jpg right, Yashica T4 Super, August 1997).

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