Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Brickyard Landing Condominiums #2
Point Richmond, California

brickyd03.GIF (37706 bytes)A smokestack and kiln that once served the Richmond Pressed Brick Company and a swimming pool that currently serves Brickyard Landing's residents. I have been drawn to photograph this scene several times -- no Freudian interpretations please. (41K jpg, Canon 24-mm, December 1997).

go to location mapThis page provides more views of the old brickyard's kilns and some closer views of the condominium proper.  Brickyard Landing is dense but pleasant with the units arrayed along the hillside in a fashion that provides views for everyone.   Pt. Richmond is sometimes called the Richmond Rivera because of its favorable microclimate -- the sun tends to shine here when other parts of the East Bay are foggy.   I would guess that this is a nice place to live, particularly so for those that enjoy boats..

One of the pleasures of flying the kite in this area is the underground routing of electrical, telephone, and cable lines.  In the United States it is common to have a thicket of overhead wires in residential areas.  At Pt. Richmond the lack of such allowed me to roam about with the kite - walking the dog I call it.

brickyd11.GIF (41633 bytes)brickyd12.GIF (37891 bytes)

Views from over the condominiums looking toward the kilns (left) and down the front facade of the building (right).  These were taken on an overcast day as rain was closing in. (42K jpg left and 33K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

Brickyard Landing's individual dwellings are arranged in four building masses.  The left view above shows the lower right of these.  The righthand view captures the five-story building from overhead.  As I took these shots it was interesting to note how many residents came to their windows, many with binoculars, to try to figure out what I was up to. 

brickyd13.GIF (40969 bytes)brickyd14.GIF (37633 bytes)More cloudy day shots of the condominium. (36K jpg, Canon 24-mm left and 34K jpg, Canon 24-mm right, March 1998).

The righthand shot above shows the parking lot from which I launched the kite.  The sheen on the pavement suggests there was rain earlier in the day.

brickyd09.GIF (36578 bytes)brickyd05.GIF (37473 bytes)
Sunny day shots of the kilns.  In the lefthand shot you can see the railroad spur that once served the neighborhood.  (37K jpg left and 39K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, December 1997).

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