Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Marc Guetre at the Marin Headlands
Marin County, Berkeley

go to location mapIn July 1997 I received an e-mail from Marc Guetre of Paris, France. Marc wrote to say that he had been taking kite photographs for 15 months and that he visited this WWW site now and then.  Turns out he was coming to the California for business and he wondered if we could meet to discuss matters KAP.  We arranged a rendezvous and a few weeks later took a KAPers tour of San Francisco.  These photographs were taken during a stop in the Marin Headlands.

marcmh2.gif (44439 bytes)marcmh5.gif (41121 bytes)

KAP portraits of Marc at Battery Rathbone-McIndoe in the Marin Headlands.   I often bring visitors to this fine spot including Wolfgang Bieck.  It is become a de rigour touchstone on the KAP worldwide tour. (36K jpg left and 36K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, September 1997).

I am still quite interested in kite lofted cameras as portrait instruments.   It seems to me that people relate quite differently to a KAP camera (no human, floating in the air) than they do to a handheld camera (closely associated with its holder).  Here we have two views of Marc, one in my oft used gun mount setting and the other while he stands on the roof of a bunker.  The second shot was taken as I stood twenty feet below on a concrete apron.

marcmh4.gif (37660 bytes)marcmh7.gif (36720 bytes)

Images taken during our outing: a parked Harley Davidson motorcycle and standing at the edge of the 400-foot bluff. (35K jpg, Canon 24-mm left and 34K jpg, Canon 15-mm right, September 1997).

While we stopped to see the sights I sent a kite and camera skyward and shot through a very quick roll.  This gave Marc a chance to see the rig in action and to discuss process.  While I was photographing the familiar surrounds of Battery Rathbone-McIndoe, Marc was photographing me.  The images below show me as I was taking the images above.

marcmh4x.gif (37787 bytes)marcmh7x.gif (32783 bytes)Photographs taken by Marc showing me in the act of taking the two photographs above.  On the left I am positioning the rig above the motorcycle.  I should have biased more for the shadow.  On the right I am flying the fisheye just beyond the edge of the bluff (28K jpg left and 24K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, September 1997).

The image on the right above shows the relationship between Battery Rathbone-McIndoe and San Francisco.  This view, facing slightly south of east, includes the south pylon of the Golden Gate Bridge and the tall buildings of downtown San Francisco.

marcmh3.gif (41142 bytes)Your author standing in a mount that once held a  defensive gun (34K jpg, Canon 24-mm, September 1997).

It was very pleasant to have a visit with Marc and to talk about how he approaches the various challenges of KAP.  As an electrical engineer his mind turns to interesting electronic  approaches to our puzzles.  It was also fun to have someone else handle the kite while I roamed with the transmitter (left).

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