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Houses under Construction
Richmond, California

marinabay03.GIF (45200 bytes)The project I photographed was a subdivision of houses with each house having the same design.   They are built in an assembly line like process.  Beginning with a slab on grade, each house in this image is just a little more completed than its neighbor to the right. I am visibile in the overburden at top center. (47K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

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While waiting to pick Charlie and Thomas up from Sunday sailing I started exploring the Richmond Waterfront.  It is an interesting area juxtaposing derelict industrial structures and new suburban development.  Things are happening fast in these parts as the land near the bay is being built out.  The housing projects verge on gaudy, each sporting decorative flags to lure the prospective homebuyer.

These photographs show the latest phase in a rather large housing development.  I was attracted to the staged construction of the houses - they align in orderly rows of incremental progress.  The shots ended up capturing an interesting texture related to the framing and an almost diagrammatic sense of the construction process.  I will probably go back to shoot some more.    

marinabay06.GIF (46616 bytes)marinabay05.GIF (45695 bytes)Plan views of homes with roof framing complete.  It was the prefinished white roof trimming that originally attracted me to this shoot. These shots look much better in the larger jpg version and better yet as actual photographs.  (51K jpg left and 51K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

marinabay09.GIF (44715 bytes)marinabay08.GIF (47429 bytes)More intimate views of the construction -- on the left are walls under assembly on the slab (try to figure out their framing), on the right a bird's eye view of a framed but unroofed second story. (43K jpg left and 45K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

I actually tried to take these shots for several weeks running only to be thwarted by a lack of wind.  Still it was nice to be outside even without a breeze.  On this day there wwas a modest wind (<10 mph) and I used the Sutton 30 to loft the camera.   After about 40 minutes of shooting the wind slowly went away and the camera slowly came down.  Time to pick up the youngsters anyway.

marinabay02.GIF (43098 bytes)marinabay01.GIF (42751 bytes)

Higher views of the Marina Bay development's context.  These houses are being built on land that once supported industry and shipping.  This strip of houses stands between the marina basin and San Francisco Bay.  This must be about as dense as single family detached housing can get. (44K jpg left and 46K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).


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