Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Near Drake's Beach
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

drake23.gif (44373 bytes)A plan view of the eroded bluff edge and the beach 150 feet below it. Your author is the speck at the top of the bluff (almost dead center of image.) This shot is courtesy of my new friend, the ancient wooden post (44K jpg, Canon 24-mm shot from bluff, March 1998).

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On this visit to the bluffs near Drake's Beach we encountered -- guess what? -- high winds.  I'm currently reading Jules G. Evens' pleasant The Natural History of the Point Reyes Peninsula wherein he provides a nice explanation of the area's consistent, brisk northwest winds.   This day was no exception. Once again I am flying the Sutton 16 and once again I wish I had carried the Sutton 8 along. In this case I was using Kodak Gold ASA 100 film (it was already in the camera) and I noticed an increase in blurry shots -- perhaps 25% of the roll.   

drake26.gif (47116 bytes)drake22.gif (45452 bytes)Views of the bluff from higher yet.  They were said to remind Sir Francis Drake of the White Cliffs of Dover. There are 16 people at beach level in the righthand image.  How many can you find in the attached jpg?  (51K jpg left, Canon 50-mm, and 49K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

drake21.gif (41522 bytes)drake25.gif (43257 bytes)Give my two boys a little time near a small stream (left) and they will start damming it.   The Corp of Engineers would be proud. Bluff edge erosion is visible in the righthand image.  I wonder if folks leave the trail to stand there? (25K jpg left and 42K jpg right, Canon 50-mm, March 1998).

While I was out solo taking the bluff shots the wind really built in.  I found myself really leaning against the kite line and working at the task of walking along level ground.  I had a couple of turns of the 200 pound braided dacron line around my hand because I didn't trust my grip on the reel.  This was in the middle of a large open pasture that runs to the bluff's edge.  Hauling the kite down hand over hand was starting to look like a grim prospect but I was starting to really want it down for fear of losing something. Then I saw a grand sight -- an ancient wooden post set upright in the middle of the pasture.  I worked the kite over to that fine object and tied it off with climber's strap and carabiner.  It was then a simple and quick task to walk the kiteline down and retrieve the kite.  The post is my new friend.

post.gif (33720 bytes)Claudia with my new friend the pasture post - Claudia arrived later in the tale.

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