Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Near the Pacific School of Religion #2
Berkeley, California

hh7.gif (34988 bytes)A plan view of the PSR chapel  (49K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

go to location mapThis page continues my wintertime shots from the Pacific School of Religion except for the rare sunny day shot to the left.  I went for a full two months this winter without taking any kite photographs - what misery. So these images represent rather pathetic attempts to take a quick roll between the Pacific storm fronts.  I include them mostly to entertain those that know the area.

univ_house4.GIF (45726 bytes)ucwest1.gif (42908 bytes)

hhss9.gif (40372 bytes)univ_house3.GIF (44913 bytes)

Assorted images of the PSR and UC Berkeley campus from aloft.  (from the upper left clockwise: 44K jpg, 42K jpg, 36K jpg and 41K jpg, all with the Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

The upper left and lower right images were taken after launching the kite from the tennis courts to the south of the GTU Library (courts are visible in the left side of the lower image.)  The winds were quite stable so I flew over Hearst Avenue and into the airspace over campus (see map detail). North Gate Hall, former home of the Department of Architecture, is the low building with a brown roof visible in these images.  Hearst Avenue runs to its left. The upper right image was taken in the southwest corner of the Berkeley campus and provides a view from the Eucalyptus Grove (in sun) to the Campanile (in shadow) and beyond. The lower left image is Holbrook Hall on the PSR campus.

univ_house1.GIF (41586 bytes)univ_house2.GIF (41745 bytes)Views of University House, the Chancellor's Residence, on the left and the tennis courts and GTU Library on the right (41K jpg left and 44K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, December 1997).

There are no open ground level views of this side of the Chancellor's House (here in scaffolding) and its associated gardens. This one stretches from the garden to the San Francisco Bay. On the left you can see the intersection of Hearst Avenue and Scenic Avenue. The Albany Knoll is in the distance.

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