Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Near the Pacific School of Religion
Berkeley, California

gtu26.gif (41026 bytes)Holbrook Hall at the Pacific School of Religion  (36K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

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During the dreary winter of 1998, there were few breaks in the clouds long enough to mount a proper KAP expedition.  So, I found myself grabbing the KAP gearbag and heading the block or so to the quadrangle of the Pacific School of Religion. Though this is a tight flying site I have developed my tricks for getting a kite past the turbulence of the buildings and I often fly kites here.  These images were taken on two different overcast days and show the neighborhood adjacent to Berkeley's North Gate entrance to campus.

gtu22.gif (44318 bytes)gtu28.gif (45456 bytes)The scene from roughly above the intersection of Ridge Road, Le Conte Avenue, and Scenic Avenue.  We live on Scenic Avenue which is the dominant  road in the upper left image.  The upper right image has Euclid Avenue slicing diagonally through its center with Ridge Road in the foreground.  The Campanile and Wurster Hall are visible in the background (all linked images are 40K jpgs, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

gtu21.gif (44964 bytes)gtu24.gif (44344 bytes)

This is my neighborhood, a mixture of institutional, multifamily and duplex housing units.   It is a convenient place to live - my entire walking commute (save two blocks) is visible in the upper righthand image. These images were taken in early spring as you can tell by the new growth on the deciduous trees, other trees in bloom, and the general greenish tone.

gtu27.gif (45821 bytes)The Graduate Theological Union Library, a design begun by Louis Kahn and completed after his death (43K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

I probably have already an ample supply of PSR images.  That doesn't seem to matter when there is only an hour to take photographs and you need a quick KAP fix.

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