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Harmon Gym under Reconstruction
University of California, Berkeley

harmon4.gif (39165 bytes)Harmon Gym under renovation.  This was and will be the setting for CAL's Varsity Basketball games.  This shot was published in the CAL Monthly  (40K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

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I am getting pudgy (the post-40 metabolism is something else.) The main reason I'm out of shape is that I am not swimming laps as I so like to do.  I am not swimming laps because the campus has decided to renovate the basketball stadium and in doing so has closed the largest pool on campus for construction staging. All other pools have become very crowded (think hot tub) during anything near prime hours and that is the only time I can conveniently swim. So I might as well enjoy photographing the construction project as I become an increasingly effective kite anchor..

harmon2.gif (42203 bytes)harmon3.gif (41705 bytes)

Additional views of the topless Harmon Gym with the sorely missed Spieker Pool in the background (42K jpg left and 39K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

The renovation project has gutted the building back to its structure and then some.   The roof has been removed and will be replaced with a design that expands the seating for basketball games.

harmon1.gif (41173 bytes)harmon7.gif (37840 bytes)

A shot of Harmon Gym showing its adjacency to the baseball field (which was not disturbed by construction) and a plan view of the CAL baseball diamond  (38K jpg left and 30K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

I went by Harmon Gym on several occasions to try to take KAP images.  It took about six tries before I succeeded.  On two attempts I had a kite up and camera attached when it started to rain.  On another  I coincided with a CAL baseball game and my large Sutton 60 would have been a distraction to the players.  Finally, I arrived when there was at least some wind and the baseball field was open.  The groundskeeper said I had 35 minutes before he started to fertilize the field so I rushed through sending the carbon-framed Rokkaku up.  I was able to get in a quick roll and start packing my equipment before he started chasing me around with a fertilizer-throwing tractor. It was very nice of him to let me get the session in.

harmon5.gif (37618 bytes)A closer plan view of the Harmon construction work (35K jpg, Canon 24-mm, March 1998).

In the larger jpg of this image you can see the structure of the bleachers,  the preserved exterior wall system, and preparations for new structure. 

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