Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Richmond Yacht Club, General Views
Pt. Richmond, California

The winter half of the year brings us depressingly shorter days but also seems to compensate with skies that are altogether more interesting (14K jpg, Canon 24-mm, November 1997).

go to location mapThe days are ending mighty early in late November. This shot was taken around 4 pm while picking the boys up in Richmond. A cold front had recently moved through leaving a nice set of warm-colored cumulous clouds behind.

Earlier in the day I had a chance to take some images of the view toward the east and southeast from above the yacht club. These shots show the ridge of Point Richmond on the left and the sea walls protecting the marina on the right.

Views in a generally easterly direction from high above the yacht club (44K jpg left and 28K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, November 1997).

The yacht club is housed in a two-story building situated in an inland corner of the marina. The docks immediately adjacent to the club house provide room for rigging and launching the small sailing dingies while the club's decks provide the perfect perch to watch this activity. In the left shot below I am flying from the adjacent parking lot in a very pleasant smooth breeze. The air near the waterfront is often a delight and this wind is quite modest (around 10 mph) but steady. This is the time of year when our winds are generally low so I've been flying the larger kites of late. In this case I have the Sutton 30 aloft and it is ideal for the day.

A couple of views of the yacht club's decks (43K jpg left and 39K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, November 1997).

The yacht club's front parking lot and boat yard (47K jpg, Canon 50-mm, November 1997).

This image is unusual. For the first time in months I used the Canon 50-mm, f1.8 lens for KAP images. I have developed a habit of lofting wide angle lenses and recently realized that I have not really explored those of longer focal length. I pledge to do so during the next few months. This shot shows the parking area adjacent the the front of the yacht club and the boat storage yard beyond it. Sails are drying on the small patch of lawn.

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