Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Canoes on Lake Utica
The California Sierra Nevada

Your author flying a somewhat reluctant kite over the alpine waters (29K jpg, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

The scouts use a small fleet of canoes to get about the lake and to haul gear in and out of camp. It was particularly fun to get a little paddling in -- I owned a Grumman canoe 25 years ago and spent alot of hours in it. These shots were taken late in the day below the Rokkaku. The winds were, as usual, highly variable so the camera rig would vary from 150 feet up to ground level within periods of a few minutes.

A view of the lake shallows from 150 feet up and a pair of the scout's canoes come to visit (37K jpg left and 37K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

This end of the lake is quite shallow as is evident in these images. Looking at the water from this vantage point certainly helps explain the coloration of the local trout.

A closer view courtesy of the lagging wind (30K jpg, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

I took this shot during one of the wind lulls. The upwind water surface suggested wind was on the way so I just waited the lull out with the camera hanging just above the lake surface. I was probably about 100 feet from the camera when this was taken.

A lower shot of the shiny Grumman canoes (29K jpg, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

A final shot of the two canoes over slightly darker water..

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