Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

The Municipal Pier
Santa Barbara, California

The Santa Barbara Pier as the day ends (20K jpg, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

In July 1997 I drove down to Santa Barbara to attend the annual Summer Retreat of the Society of Building Science Educators. Our meeting was a fine gathering with useful sessions but it left no time to loft the kite. As the three-day session broke on Sunday we headed from the meeting site in the hills to the Santa Barbara waterfront. I arrived with about an hour before the sun would set so I shot the pier first then the beach and finally my group of educator friends. The results are on the next three gallery pages.

After hiking out to the end of the pier I launched the Sutton 30. Shades of the Central Valley - the wind immediately dropped below the Sutton's range (to less than 10 mph) so I hoofed it back to the car and got the Rokkaku. It flew well at first but became more of a challenge as the winds slowly died. I an acruing more time these days flying the Rokkaku with a camera payload and appreciate its qualities more and more.

In this shot I am flying from the near section of the pier. I think it has a fine atmosphere.

Businesses on the pier and an exhibit of the twelve (somewhat faded) flags of California (27K jpg left and 26K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

I took a quick set of shots from the pier and at one point was surrounded by a small mob proffering the usual questions. As the wind slackened and the rig slowly lowered toward salt water I found myself in the unusual position of having to be unsociable -- it is usually fun to explain the pursuit. On the other hand, there are occasions that require complete concentration and walking the kite from the pier to the beach in lagging winds was one of these. The beach had slightly better wind and the maneuvering room it allowed felt like a cool drink on a hot day..

A higher westerly view of the pier and parking for tenders and autos (24K jpg left and 30K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

Portrait of Aunt Tiffany and Niece Tiffany on the pier's compass rose (34K jpg, Canon 24-mm, July 1997).

This aunt and niece watched as I went through my launching procedure and thought it was fun. I asked them to stand on the compass rose to take a quick shot and it came out rather well. I wish I had gotten their name.

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