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Natural Bridges
Santa Cruz, California

Views of the Santa Cruz waterfront toward the east (left) and west (35K jpg left and 24 jpg right, Canon 24-mm, June 1997).

On a Sunday in June 1997, Claudia and I found ourselves delivering son Thomas to a camp near Santa Cruz. After a poignant farewell we headed to the Santa Cruz waterfront for a bit of R&R before heading back to Berkeley. The stretch of oceanfront drive near Natural Bridges was a topic of one of my earliest gallery pages and Claudia was interested in seeing what it looked like. I enjoyed revisiting the site as well.

go to location mapOn arrival we found a very slight breeze from the west and I flew the Sutton 30 for awhile. It was clear that the Sutton wasn't going to lift anything so I traded it for the carbon-framed Rokkaku. The Rok flew quite happily and didn't exhibit its occasional tendency to overfly so after 10 minutes or so I sent the Canon Rebel skyward with its 24-mm lens.

Views of our flying site along the oceanfront road (42K jpg left and 39K jpg right, Canon 24-mm lens, June 1997).

I'm rather fond of the view on the left. In it the water is clear enough to reveal large boulders and once you see them you can understand their effect on the surface froth (best seen in the attached jpg.) The image also contains our parked Plymouth van (upper right) and the park adjacent to it (my flying site.) This bluff must be one of the more interesting urban edges in the country.

Closer views of Santa Cruz's oceanfront urban edge (40K jpg left and 35K jpg right, Canon 24-mm lens, June 1997).

Here are two lower level views of the bluff. On the left you can see me standing along the fence line. The sea has undercut the bluff at this location and each wave produces an entertaining show as it enters the undercut and thunders back out.

More bluff shots (40K jpg left and 32K jpg right, Canon 24-mm lens, June 1997).

The lefthand shot shows an interesting pattern of "desire paths" through the ice plant groundcover. On the right is the froth from waves pounding a small point in the bluff .

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