Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Ground Textures
Coyote Hills Regional Park

Landscape textures changing from path to stream (46K jpg, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).

go to location mapKite photographs above Coyote Hills do a fine job of revealing the varied textures of this interesting landscape. This plan view captures the transition between dry hillside and green wetlands.

Views in opposite directions(41K jpg left and 21K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).

The lefthand view shows the wetlands strecthing toward Freemont and the East Bay hills. On the right is a southwest-facing view from the north end of the hills. Though taken from roughly the same place. They look like distinctly different landscapes.

Closer views of the shallow waters and tall grass (33K jpg left, 33K jpg center and 50K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).

I ended up with quite afew shots of the grass in the wetlands. This eight-foot-high march grass provides shelter for many birds and was in constant movement in sea breeze. The grass moves so much that it is blurred in many of the images.

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