Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Spring Views
Coyote Hills Regional Park

A sweep of the horizon from around 250 feet up (22K jpg left, 17K jpg center and 30K jpg right, Canon 15-mm, May 1997).

On Mother's Day 1997 we packed a picnic lunch for a afternoon out. It was foggy toward the coast so we headed south to the Coyote Hills Regional Park. You may recall this setting from early gallery pages with pictures of a dry mud bed. On this occasion the park's wetlands were still quite wet and the hills were in transition from spring greens to summer tawns.

go to location mapThe three imaegs above sweep the horizon from south to north using the 15-mm lens. This lens sees such a large area that the kite supporting the camera - my trusty Sutton 30 -- is visible in the lefthand image. The water covered area visible in the righthand image is the location of the dry mudbed shots mentioned earlier.


The launch crew at our flying site (25K jpg, Canon 15-mm, May 1997).

This ground-level view shows the seasonal wetland as seen from our rocky launching point. Claudia is serving as a temporary kite anchor while I prepare the camera cradle.

The wetlands from low altitude (left: 40K jpg, Canon 15-mm, May 1997 and right: 38K jpg, Yashica T4, August 1996).

On the left you can see the rocky outcrop that served as our temporary base. Also visible are the hiking trails and the wetlands. San Francisco Bay is on the other side of the hills. The rocky outcrop is also visible in the righthand image which was taken toward the end of summer in 1996. In this case Charlie and I are flying from the exposed mudbeds in the late afternoon.

Fisheye views of the leeward wetlands (32K jpg left and 32K jpg right, Canon 15-mm, May 1997).

The lefthand view shows tall, dark green grasses growing in the shallow waters. As one moves away from the shoreline the grassy hills quickly turn to a dry brown.

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