Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Waves at Drake's Beach
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

A low altitude kite shot shows the late day colors becoming acute (at around 7 pm, 32K jpg, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).

go to location mapWhat a nice day this turned out to be. As the wind continued to build we enjoyed the shelter of the bluffs behind us. The gap in the bluffs aligned with the setting sun so we were able to enjoy the warm direct light and use it for the photographs. The bluff's shadow is beginning to encroach on the right side of this photo. Limantour Beach is visible two miles down the shore.

Drake's Bay wave (31K jpg, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).

I will confess that this shot is among my favorites. The just breaking wave separates the low, warm sunlight tones below from the cool, blue sky tones above. The subtle color shift is quite evident in the print but less apparent in the scanned images.

A set of more abstract wave photographs. From the upper left clockwise: a crescendo (12K jpg), turbid backwash (18K jpg), wave crest as rift (10K jpg), and curl (34K jpg), all were taken with the Canon 24-mm lens.

I just plain enjoy these wave images. One imagines there are thousands of possible variations.

Froth and wave (51K jpg left, Canon 50-mm, and 20K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, May 1997).
As the day wore on the breeze filled in to become a force to be reconned with - I'd estimate above 30 mph at the kite's altitude (though we were comfortable in the lee of the bluffs). It was a fair bit of work to haul the kite back in and for awhile I worried about strain on the line. One's mind wanders to knots at times like these well aware that a single knot is all that stands between your entire rig and the salt water below. In the end it turned out well, I was able to muscle the kite out of the sky and we adjourned to watch the sunset on nearby Ocean Beach. There the day ended on a calm and balmy note - so pleasant that we took a nap just after sunset. We woke an hour later and hiked out under a bright waxing moon, listening to the surf and entertained by our moon shadow. My thanks again to Troop 6 of Berkeley.

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