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Steamer Lane
Santa Cruz, California

A view from above the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse looking out toward Steamer Lane (31K jpg, Canon 15mm, February 1997).

go to location mapThis shot shows Steamer Lane on a modest surf day -- sometimes the surf builds to truly impressive heights. After photographing the lighthouse I sent the rig higher to document the point and the ocean beyond. In this shot you can see the row of spectators at the far left. It is a pity we were running late because it was truly delightful wind. I've vowed to return to shoot this spot during a high surf day.

The point in fisheye view (37K jpg left and 34K jpg right, Canon 15mm, March 1997).

One aspect of the 15-mm fisheye lens that I've grown to enjoy is its mapping of water surface textures. In the lefthand image these range from sun glint to turbid greens. The righthand image shows the basic Steamer Lane layout from the Monterey Bay point of view-- as the swells get larger the waves break further to the right. If you look at the attached jpg you will see a small line of dots -- surfers waiting for a larger swell.

The bluff edge at Steamer Lane (42K jpg left and 39K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, March 1997).

The shoreline near Steamer Lane features an undercut bluff about thirty feet high. It provides a lovely spot for passerby to watch the waves and the surfer's antics. Santa Cruz has thoughtfully erected railings to keep us from falling into the ocean

Plan view of the Santa Cruz bluff and two KAPers at Pt. Bonita (36K jpg left and 50K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, January 1997).

Having seen the preceding two images it is easier to interpret the shot on the left. Without further information it presents puzzling relationship between sea and land. The righthand shot is not at Santa Cruz at all but rather on a bluff just north of San Francisco. It shows your author and visitor Simon Harbord at the edge of a 200 foot bluff. The wind, light, and companionship were delightful that afternoon - true bliss.

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