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Aerial Portraits
San Francisco Bay Area

Nora and Andrew on the occasion of their wedding (59K jpg, T4 Super, October 1996).

In an earlier gallery page I discussed the social landscape as a challenging KAP subject. It takes control, and confidence in your equipment, to fly your equipment near people. I am gaining more confidence and I find that you can often photograph individuals or groups without having to place camera rig directly over them. At other times, when the wind is ample and steady, the camera rig seems as though fixed in the sky and under these conditions I've begun to fly over the social landscape.

This shot captures friends Nora and Andrew at their wedding reception in a local winery. I shot a couple of rolls at this function at the bride's request.


Val Sheridan, Claudia Benton and Mary Sheridan in the front row (34K jpg, Canon 24-mm, October 1996).

In October 1996 my parents flew in from Georgia for a visit. We stopped by the Berkeley Marina long enough to demonstrate the KAP rig and take a family portrait.

My family in the first photo taken by KAP Rig No. 2 (left) and another family picnicking (57K jpg left and 57K jpg right, Canon 24-mm, October 1996).

The left image was taken just a few moments into the first flight of KAP Rig No. 2 and is its first photograph. That's Charlie, Thomas, and Claudia reclining on the park bench. Later, I was walking the rig around the Berkeley waterfront and had to cross over the family shown in the righthand image. While I was over them I hit the shutter. The women seem to know what's going on and the men oblivious (though one is in diapers).

Alison and Sheila (42K jpg, Yashica T4, September 1996).

This image of friends Alison and Sheila was taken at Nora and Andrew's wedding.

A self-portrait at Pt. Richmond and members of the CAL Band take a break (59K jpg left, Canon 15-mm and 66K jpg right, Yashica T4, November 1996).

The lefthand shot was taken with the Canon fisheye. I must have fifty such images -- the result of checking the camera to make sure the shutter release is working or finishing the last frame on a roll. The righthand image shows several members of the CAL Marching Band that were practicing in the track stadium. When they figured out what I was doing they spontaneously flopped to the ground and spelled CAL. I was impressed.

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