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Yet More Central Campus
University of California, Berkeley

Images of UC Berkeley from the north side of campus (58K jpg, Canon 24-mm left and 60K jpg Yashica T4 right, November 1996).

go to location mapThese images show the UC Berkeley Campus as seen from above the Pacific School of Religion, one block north of the campus edge. They provide a good comparison between the 24-mm lens I often fly on the new Canon rig (left) and the 35-mm lens on my old Yashica T4 rig (right). In the foreground of each image you can see the Graduate Theological Union library and the rows of palms that dot "Holy Hill". In the left image the UCB Chancellor's home is visible near a bright patch of lawn.

A two-image montage of the libraries from the Canon fisheye (55K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

This view toward the west was taken from a position just north of the Campanile. The distant horizon has the curved profile common to all downward-tilted images taken with the fisheye. Albany Hill is visible to the left and Wheeler Hall to the right.

A two-image montage of the north facade of Doe Library (71K jpg, Yashica T4, August 1996).

I took this shot around 8 pm on a mid-summer evening. The area around Doe Library was largely empty by that time and the light was low and warm. You can see the daylight inside the large upstairs reading room. The foreground plaza covers the new underground library expansion. I'm standing at the top of the curved flight of steps.

. Another view of the north facade (46K jpg, Yashica T4, August 1996).

This shot, taken in the same session, shows the four pyramidal skylights that serve the underground library circulation spaces.

Fisheye views of the Central Campus area (60K jpg above left, 58K jpg above right, and 58K jpg left, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

Finally, here is a trio of fisheye images taken from above the Campanile Esplanade. It is a fun lens by any measure but I'm developing the sense that its most interesting uses will be much nearer the ground. What do you think? In any event I promise not to overwhelm these pages with too many images from it.

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