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A ground-level view of Campanile and trees using the new lens -- the dominant shadow is that of the tower itself (62K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

go to location mapI walk by the Campanile every morning on the way to work. It is also one of the places near home where I can fly a kite so I am developing a fair collection of Central Campus images. These views came from two different cameras and include a couple from the new fisheye lens. The ground-level image above shows the Campanile's matrix of pollarded sycamores as they were losing this summer's leaves. It is a rite of seasonal passage.

A fisheye view of the Campanile. This scene includes the nadir and the horizon. (52K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

I am still exploring the character of this lens. In this view the camera is almost 300 feet above the ground yet the scene seems somewhat scaleless. The lens is sharp at the edges and distant buildings are captured quite well.

Views of Bancroft Library and LeConte Hall (48K jpg left and 44K jpg right, Yashica T4, September 1996).

These late day views of the Campanile Esplanade have a fun low angle light quality. The trees are still in leaf and there is a great reflection from the solar glass of LeConte that strikes the entrance of Bancroft.

A fisheye view of Bancroft Library and the Campanile Esplanade (61K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

Another view from the fisheye. This day had a modest breeze but I was still able to fly the Canon and fisheye using the Sutton 30. After several tries to get the kite above ground-level turbulence it found clean air and flew quite well.

Friends Bill and Karen Burke photographed at the Berkeley Kite Festival (65K jpg, Yashica T4, July 1996).

Bill and Karen came by to see the KAP rig in action. They are both architects and awfully pleasant folks.

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