Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Point Bonita
Marin Headlands, California

A two-photograph montage of the Point Bonita ridgeline looking north. The white tower holds radar equipment. (55K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

go to location mapAfter photographing near Battery Mendell (previous page) I landed my KAP gear, stuffed it in the many pockets of the photographer's vest, and hiked down the Point Bonita peninsula. I stopped at its tallest point, a small plateau about 300 feet above the surf. From this location I launched the Sutton 16 again and sent KAP Rig #2 aloft. I took photographs here as the sunset approached. It made for warm light and deep shadows.

This photo shows the radar tower and abandoned buildings that dot the ridgeline. The view extends from straight down to the horizon and includes the sunny and shady sides of the ridge. The water to the left is the Pacific Ocean and to the right (barely visible) is the beginning of San Francisco Bay.

The trail leading to the Point Bonita Lighthouse as seen from the east (42K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

This view shows the trail that hugs the east side of the tapering Pt. Bonita peninsula. It was built in the late 1800's to serve the lighthouse located at the end of the peninsula. This difficult site was selected because it allowed the light to be low and thus underneath the higher summer fog banks. A close look at the photo shows the trail disappearing into a 100-foot tunnel dug by Chinese railroad workers. A suspension bridge (not visible) completes the path. I am visible as a tiny spec on the plateau in the upper right.

A two-photograph montage of the Point Bonita ridgeline looking north though this time from a greater distance. The white radar tower is quite small in this view. I am flying from a location right next to it. (46K jpg, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

Here is another two-photograph montage showing the peninsula from the leeward (and shady) side. The Pacific surf is visible on one side and the calmer protected waters on the other. In fact you can just barely see the ruins of an 1890's lifeboat station in the shady lower right of the image. Lifeboats were launched here to help boats struggling with the currents and rocks that flank the bay entrance.

Photographs looking east and southeast from above Point Bonita (43K jpg left and 35K jpg right, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

These views from further north on the peninsula show the straight that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. The bridge is just visible in the jpg of the left photo.

Photos looking roughly south and north taken near the radar tower (42K jpg left and 48K jpg right, Canon 15-mm, November 1996).

Near sunset I took this pair of shots with the camera near my location on the plateau. See if you can find me in each shot. In each case I am right at the edge of the bluff.

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