Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Richmond Yacht Club #2
Richmond, California

go to location mapWhile Benton fils are learning the ropes on the El Toros I find myself with a bit of time on my hands. So on this page I decided to present a few pairs of kap photographs comparing plan view to steep oblique views of the same area. I think plan views often have a stark, abstract quality about them. You have to think a bit while interpreting them -- not necessarily a bad thing. They also appeal to my appreciation for the quantitative as one imagines them a near relation of maps (and indeed they are.) The oblique views are more figurative and thus more accessible. Oblique views also provide more perspective clues for visualizing the third dimension (height.) I don't have a favorite between the two views and continue to shoot many of both.

The Richmond Yacht Club and its immediate surroundings (45K jpg left and 47K jpg right, November 1996).

The view captures the rather unphotogenic roof of the yacht club proper and the docks and parking lots that surround it. The tiny boats moored by the dozens to the left are the El Toros and a few Lasers belonging to the advanced class can be seen to the right. The photos were taken by KAP Rig #3 (Yashica T4 Super) at about 300 feet above the ground.

Two views of the large boat dock (48K jpg left and 55K jpg right, November 1996).

These shots show the larger boats from a lower altitude. A nice sun glint in the oblique view reveals the water's texture.

El Toros looking like water fleas next to the cruising sailboats (48K jpg left and 53K jpg right, November 1996).

Of these two , I prefer the plan view. It shows the yacht club's decks and the first boat dock. Charlie's green El Toro is sailing in the upper right.


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