Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Pt. Richmond Revisited
Richmond, California

A view from above the Richmond Yacht Club made by aligning two separate frames (55K jpg, November 1996).

go to location mapAnother Sunday in the lad's sailing program and here we are at the Richmond Yacht Club again. Having a bit of time on my hands I went out to the parking lot and easily coaxed the Sutton 30 into the air. Following the customary 10 minute check flight I lofted KAP Rig #3 -- a camera cradle built around the Yashica T4 Super. It flew quite well. I am quite happy with the Sutton 30. Having flown it now for around a year I can characterize it as a stable and well-behaved kite. This is only my third roll of film with KAP Rig #3. So far so good.

This image shows a housing development adjacent to the yacht club. The houses are built on piers and are served by a roadway on made land. Each house has a fine dock with easy access to San Francisco Bay. If you are a sailor this would be a fun place to live.

The yacht club decks and dock. The tiny sailboats are El Toros (43K jpg left and 47K jpg right, November 1996).

This view shows the yacht club's marina-facing decks and the dock area just below them. The decks are arguably the heart of the club. Here folks hang out to watch the boats or swap sailing tales. In this case its largely parents watching their offspring putter about in the diminutive El Toro - the craft used in the beginner and intermediate classes. It is altogether a pleasant way to pass a few hours. In the righthand image you can see the beginner class standing on the dock as two El Toro's are engaged in a relay race.

Neighboring derelict chemical tanks and the small boat storage yard (44K jpg left and 53K jpg right, November 1996).

The yacht club is sitting next to an old industrial site that has fallen into disuse. It seems the general pattern of land use in the area is from industrial and manufacturing applications to housing and recreation. The small tank farm is one of the few remaining industrial relics of Pt. Richmond's working past.

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