Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

The Richmond Yacht Club
Richmond, California

Marc Fountain's Moore 24 dwarfed by its larger neighbors (45K jpg).

go to location mapYou will no doubt see quite a few images from around the Richmond Yacht Club in the coming months. Charlie and Thomas have begun a junior sailing program here that runs most Sundays between now and April. This last Sunday was great. The boys spent a good part of the day sailing their new (used) El Toros then we went for a sail with friend Marc Fountain. When we returned near sunset the breeze freshened enough for me to loft the Sutton 30 and after 10 minutes of trial flight I attached the new camera rig with Canon Rebel and 24-mm lens. We then finished a roll that was in the camera.

This shot shows a row of boats near the yacht club and Marc's 24' sailboat moored at the guest dock (perpendicular to the others).

A plan view of the slips (46K jpg).

A view down on one of the docks. The camera is pointing near straight down from above the one empty boat slip. In print form this is a particularly handsome image with great detail and an entertaining mix of sunset reds and boatcover blues.

The hills at Point Richmond (60K jpg).

This view looks away from the bay and toward the hills that surround the marina area of Pt. Richmond. The yacht club is just off the frame to the upper left.

The boat slips at sunset (50K jpg).

This tilted view looks across the boat slips toward the bay and San Francisco (just barely visible in the attached jpg). Yerba Buena Island is visible to the far left and the thin line projecting into the bay is a seawall. Only eight of the 170 slips visible are empty as sunset nears.

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