Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Kayaks at Jack London Square
Oakland, California

Kayaks on the dock (50K jpg).

go to location mapThese photographs were taken on a late Wednesday afternoon at Oakland's Jack London Square. On an earlier visit to the square we noticed California Canoe and Kayak, a purveyor of personal watercraft. CC&K sponsors a Wednesday afternoon paddle in the Oakland Estuary that starts at 6:30 pm in the summer. We decided it would be entertaining to photograph the kayaks as they were launched from the dock near Scott's Restaurant.

We missed photographing one evening because the wind faded just as the kayaks were coming out. It was quite a frustration because the daylight was acquiring its lovely end of the day hues but the wind was slowly dropping the camera rig toward an intersection with the estuary's surface.

We resolved to return and return we did. These shots were taken about a month later at around 7:30 in the evening.

Carrying kayaks to the launching area (52K jpg).

The docks at Jack London Square provide interesting linear textures with their white painted rails and wood planking. Here two paddlers portage a kayak to the launch.

A kayak in the late afternoon light (29K jpg).

This shot is looking back toward Scott's Restaurant. You cannot see the building but you can see its contribution to reflections in the water.

Plan views of kayaks (19K jpg left and 30K jpg right).

Bird's eye views of a single kayak afloat in the estuary and a double kayak being launched.

The docks at Jack London Square (44K jpg left and 44K jpg right).

Another Wednesday evening event is sailboat racing in the estuary. These shots feature a close-hauled sailboat that is just clearing the docks as it beats upwind.

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