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Coyote Hills Regional Park
Mud Flats

go to location mapAfter shooting the ridgeline at Coyote Hills, Charlie, Thomas and I were heading back to the car and thence home. The kids were really ready to go. I, on the other hand, started noticing how the light was striking a small mud flat near the parking lot. The light was low and warm and the flat had two types of grass growing on it: tall (8') brown stands and short (1') green clumps. Both of the grasses were set against a ground of dry, cracked mud. The mud's top surface had a white deposit that lent it a nice abstract texture. The tall brown grass was blowing over in a pleasant breeze. It looked like there was around 15 minutes left before the shadow of the hill reached the lakebed so I talked the kids into a quick flight (in unison now: "aw Dad", shuffle, shuffle.)

Your author and Charlie Benton on the mudflat. These images give the scene some scale (64K jpg left and 80K jpg right).

We quickly pulled out the Sutton Flowform 30 and attached the Yashica T4 rig. We found that if we walked very gently on the mud surface it was not disturbed so gently we did walk.

Plan views of windblown grass and mud (65K jpg above left, 69K jpg above right, and 68K jpg left).

These views were taken looking straight down and are composed of three textures: the short green grass, the tall windblown grass, and the white cracked mud.

Cracked mud portraits (89K jpg left and 85K jpg right).

The dried mud texture was so fine that I shot a quick series of plan-view portraits of myself and the boys lying down. These are great fun and I would like to return to shoot some more. Thomas wants to do one in which he appears to be climbing the mud surface (as in Spiderman.)

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