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A Limantour Beach Sunday
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Limantour Beach looking southeast from near the parking area (July 1996, 37K jpg).

go to location mapThese shots were taken during one of our rare spells of hot weather. When it turns warm around San Francisco Bay we often head for the beach and one of our favorite beaches is Limantour Beach at Pt. Reyes. On this particular day we spent the afternoon under a thin layer of fog that persisted at the beach's edge. There were a few periods of sun as in the image opposite. On the left side of the image you can still see charred areas left from the large Mt. Vision fire last Fall.


A classic beach umbrella (July 1996, 41K jpg).

This plan view features the sand textures that make me so fond of beach photographs. Against this ground is the figure of the beach umbrella and its shadow. The umbrella's owner is visible in the photo sporting a large grin.

A montage of beach goers (July 1996, 58K jpg).

I spent a little time wandering down the beach, answering the inevitable string of inquiries about what I was doing, and photographing those folks who seemed receptive to the idea. I'll confess that the framing in the original shots that contributed to this grouping left something to be desired. In general, the views were taken with the camera too high or the subjects were off-center in an unsatisfying way - thus the montage. I might mention that well over 90% of the KAP photos I've posted on this site are shown without cropping.

The Limantour Estuary (left) and the beach edge of the dunes (July 1996, 42K jpg left and 52K jpg right).

I took several plan views of the estuary to show to a colleague interested in applying KAP techniques to the documentation of wetlands. In general, this series produced detailed and useful images. The image on the left also seemed interesting from a compositional point of view. The texture in its upper right is provided by dried, cracked mud. On the right you see the edge of the sand dunes and the small, temporary encampments of the beach visitors.

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