Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Jack London Square
Oakland, California

Railing outside of Scott's Seafood Restaurant (June 1996, 32K jpg)

go to location mapFor this page we return to Jack London Square for images taken during the same late afternoon session. This dock railing outside of Scott's provides a pleasing shadow. A bicyclist is just entering the lower left of the frame. The benches and strollers are doing their part too. To the left you can see Scott's outdoor dining area.

Overhead shots of the outdoor cafe at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Son Charlie Benton is sitting in the right image (June 1996, 42K jpg left and 51K jpg right)

Just inland from Scott's is a large Barnes & Noble Bookstore that features an outdoor cafe. Charlie, Thomas, and I were packed up and leaving when the light started to look pretty nice at the bookstore. We decided to relaunch and try to photograph this area. It was an interesting challenge to work the kite into position after launching from the dock. The framing was inspired by images from Craig Wilson who has captured some stunning, low-level photographs of chairs and their shadows in cafe settings. I'll be looking for canoes next.

Another railing shot on the left and a view down the flagpole on the right (June 1996, 47K jpg left and 44K jpg right)

The railing shot has a nice plan view - shadow juxtaposition. The camera position for the flagpole image is similar to the position for the flag shots on the previous page. In this case you can see Charlie and Thomas just to the lower right of the flagpole base (flanking a taller shadow.)

Building roof and umbrella (June 1996, 43K jpg)

This view shows the corner of the bookstore with railing and umbrella. The light filling the shadows is reflected from the solar-control glazing of the building across the way.

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