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A Trip to Kaua'i
Beach Abstractions

Honopu Beach on Kaua'i's Na Pali Coast. I'll confess that this shot of the Na Pali Coast was taken from a helicopter at about 1,200 feet of altitude. It is quite a luxury to be behind the aerial viewfinder (July 1996, 27K jpg).

As you may have surmised by now, I'm drawn to images of beaches. Beaches represent an entertaining and oft-changing blend of ocean, surf, sand, wind, light, and weather.

Kaua'i has lovely beaches. While we were there I was able to take a few shots for my 'beach abstractions' series. Most of the shots below (and the remainder are taken from kites) are early morning photos of the eastern shores of Kaua'i - specifically near Kapa'a. These beaches generally have light-colored sand and delightfully clear water. The light just after dawn provides fine color too.

A quartet of beach images:

Ephemeral footprints (July 1996, 42K jpg left and 54K jpg right).

A beach just after sunrise and groundcover at the beach's edge (July 1996, 50K jpg left and 69K jpg right).

The calm summer shore break at Ha'ena Beach Park (July 1996, 36K jpg)

This image of a north shore beach has a nice, soft surf line. It also shows the underwater edge of the beach's sand shelf and variations in water color due to entrained air.

A close view of a channel returning the water from waves that wash over a small reef (July 1996, 51K jpg).

This little channel is flooded at high tide and runs like a stream when the tide is out. The footprints provide a scale reference. The water circulation pattern has been around long enough to erode channels in the rock (lower left.)

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