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A Trip to Kaua'i
More Beach Scenes from Kappa's

Early morning view toward the northern end of the beach (July 1996, 45K jpg)

I grew fond of my morning walks on this southeast-facing beach. The waterline is paralleled by a rock shoal about 25 feet toward the ocean and by a lawn 25 feet inland. The reef protects a waist-deep tide pool - home to a myriad of tiny fish. At the northern end of the beach there is an outlet for the tide pool and a small, manmade rock seawall that shelters a small swimming area. This image has a color gradient from the deep tan of the sand to the deep green of the ocean. The swimming enclosure can be seen at the top of the image.

Plan view of lawn, beach, tidepool, rock ledge, and waves (July 1996, 60K jpg).

This straight down view illustrates the zones of the beach. The surf line and inner edge of the rock shoal are much more distinct than the actual waterline (see if you can find the water's edge.) It was fun to be around such clear water having grown up near the turbid Georgia Coast.

Closer plan view of beach and tide pool (July 1996, 55K jpg)

This is a closer view of the tidepool and its calm water. The weathered log on the beach was a fairly large tree trunk. You can gauge its size by the automobile tire resting on its left end. Incidentally, the beach has about five feet of slope.

Beach and early morning swimmers (July 1996, 48K jpg)

The swimming enclosure is in the upper part of this view. You can see three swimmers in the waters just below it.

Plan view of tidepool outlet (July 1996, 45K jpg)

This is a lower altitude view showing a corner of the channel that drains the tidepool.

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