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A Trip to Kaua'i
The Boy Scouts Do a Good Deed

Claudia Benton, adventure mermaid, on location in Hawaii. Decidedly not a kite aerial photograph but I like it anyway - taken with a disposable Fuji underwater camera (July 1996, 31K jpg).

About a year ago sons Charlie and Thomas joined Boy Scout Troop 6 in Berkeley. This has been an altogether positive experience and we are very grateful for the fine program run by Bosky Frederick and the Troop 6 staff. The Troop raises funds each year for a "Big Trip" that is taken every fifth year. 1996 was the year of the "Big Trip" and after careful consideration the troop selected Kaua'i as their destination. Claudia and I decided to take a trip to Kaua'i ourselves - in part to check on the boys but mostly as a vacation. It was a lovely trip filled with snorkeling, hiking, rainbows, and relaxation. I took my 'Essentials' KAP Kit as carry-on luggage and managed to get in a few shots.


The Troop 6 campsite at Ha'ena Beach - hardship duty (July 1996, 52K jpg).

We visited the boys twice. This shot was taken on the second visit when the Troop was camping on Kaua'i's North Shore. The campsite was a small strip of lawn located between a large dry cave and the beach. A stream intercepts the beach in the background through a group of shade trees. It was a fine setting.

A plan view of the campground (July 1996, 52K jpg).

This view shows the Troop's various tents pitched helter skelter next to the beach. The roof to the right belongs to a shelter where meals were prepared. Next to it are the symmetrical fronds of a 30-foot-tall palm tree.

Two boy scouts entering the ocean at Ha'ena Beach - a third is in the water (July 1996, 52K jpg)

Another view from the scout's campsite. In this view two scouts are just entering the surf (lower right) while a third is swimming beyond them.

The tombolo at Po'ipu (July 1996, 52K jpg)

A tombolo is a narrow strip of sand joining two pieces of land. All three tombolos in the State of Hawaii are on Kaua'i and the one at Po'ipu Beach is the only one easily accessed. In this case the sand connects the main beach to a rocky outcrop and waves lap at the connecting sand strip from both sides at high tide. Po'ipu Beach was generally scenic and a fun place to snorkel.

New growth near the cane fields (July 1996, 52K jpg)

This view from a high vantage point shows new growth in the island's interior. I believe the trails have been made by dirt bikes. The photograph was taken during one of the many brief cloudy periods.

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