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Coast Camp
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Limantour Beach just opposite Coast Camp at Pt. Reyes (June 1996, 43K jpg).

go to location mapEach year we ask the twins how they would like to celebrate their birthday (each has an independent party). For the last six years Charlie Benton's answer has been a camping trip to Coast Camp at Pt. Reyes. So this year Claudia and I took seven sixth graders on a brief backpacking trip. This page provide a bird's eye view of the birthday troupe and their activities. We arrived at Coast Camp an hour before sunset and after pitching tents headed for the beach. This shot shows the crew busily building a dam to block a stream that cuts across the beach - ephemeral engineering.

Happy campers race the sunset to complete their dam, June 1996. (35K jpg)

In a half hour they completed two dams and a bridge. This shot has the camera's back to the sun and captures a fine set of colors.

Placing the main bridge element (June 1996, 59K jpg).

In this scene the dams are completed and the bridge is being placed. It was really fun watching this cadre work together with a fun sense of purpose.

Tunneling experiments in the sand (June 1996, 50K jpg)

By 9 a.m. the next morning it was back to the beach which always seems to be a big draw. Went spent most of the day fooling around here and there near Coast Camp. In this shot, taken closer to midday, the crew is conducting sand tunnel experiments by digging separate tunnels to a center connecting point. From the upper left clockwise are Thomas, Scott, Mark, Charlie, Chris, and Lucca.

More tunneling at stream's edge, June 1996. (45K jpg)

Later in the day we stopped and played next to a different stream. Here Scott, Charlie, and Peter are digging into the sand stream bank.

The 1996 CKB Birthday Camping Crew. From the upper left clockwise, Peter, Thomas, Lucca, Chris, Scott, Mark, and Charlie (June 1996, 65K jpg left and 68K jpg right)

We took this shot very late in the day near the campsite. The winds were variable and went away immediately after the upper shot. As I was (hurriedly) backing the rig away I captured the shot of Mark's feet by accidentally hitting the shutter control.

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