Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Limatour Beach at Sunset
Pt. Reyes National Seashore

An sunset view of Limantour Beach and its bluffs toward the east, June 1996. (29K jpg)

go to location mapIt is said that Sir Francis Drake encountered the bluffs in Drake's Bay and was reminded of the white cliffs of Dover. The bay's south-facing Limantour Beach is one of our favorites and we return here frequently, often backpacking to the park's Coast Campground. These photographs, and those on the following two pages, were taken during a trip in honor of Charlie Benton's 12th birthday. We'd backpacked in with Charlie and six of his buddies arriving just before sunset. A quick pitch of the tents and then all to the beach where I was able to get in a roll as the sun set.

Limantour beach from Coast Camp looking toward the west. (June 1996, 25K jpg)

This shot toward the west is stopped down due to the sunset. It looks fine in the print and better in the linked jpg. In the shot you can see ridges worn into the beach by a sideward current.

A closer view of the beach (June 1996, 52K jpg)

In this shot the warm tones of the sand match very closely the warm tones of sunlight reflecting off of the receding wave.

Self-portrait - the photographer as a speck (June 1996, 42K jpg)

Another sunset view of Limantour Beach looking west. As you might have gathered I rather like aerial photographs of beaches.

A complementary view toward the east (June 1996, 34K jpg)

This view was taken from the same place as the previous one and at the same time. I differs in that I am looking away from the sun. The colors in the original print are magnificent.

Plan views of a Danville, CA Boy Scout Troop, June 1996 (left 53K jpg, right 64K jpg)

The next day I was walking down the beach, kite aloft, when I bumped into a Boy Scout Troop from Danville. They performed a service by holding the kiteline spool while I checked the camera. I returned the favor by shooting a group portrait. My colleague Ed Arens observed that it is oddly reminiscent of team skydiving aerobatics (only upside down and too near the ground.)

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