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The somewhat mysterious Haviland Hall, May 1996. (35K jpg)

go to location mapMy kids consider Haviland Hall (1924), home of the School of Social Welfare, a mysterious place. Perhaps it is because the building stands alone surrounded by trees, a circumstance that prevents passerby from developing a full sense of it. After taken this photograph I realized that someone painted JEHOVAH on the building's flat roof (left side) in two-foot-high letters. You are now among the few to know.

For a few weeks now I've been carrying my KAP gear back and forth to work with the hope of getting in a few evening shots. The light is good until around 8 p.m. these days but the wind has been fickle and I've only been getting good flying conditions in one of eight days. On this day, inspired by Michel Dusariez's images, I decided to use the modest winds and the Sutton 30 to take some higher altitude shots of the Central campus area. After laying out about 750 feet of kiteline I worked quickly because the light was fading fast.

I should mention that I've recently acquired a tackle bag from Cabela's, an outdoor gear supplier. This soft-sided, rectilinear box is made of ballistic cloth and was intended to hold four Plano plastic lure boxes. I adapted one of the Plano boxes to hold the camera cradle plus supplies. The rest of the space is devoted to transmitter and kites. All told I'm able to carry two Flowform kites (16 & 30 ft2), two halo kiteline spools (100# & 200# line), the transmitter, the camera cradle, two photo albums, a drogue, a tail, gloves, batteries, and spare parts in a camera-bag-size package. This has become a much-appreciated convenience. I'll include a photograph in a later page.

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A map of the campus may be useful in figuring out these views.

Two late afternoon views from above the Campanile Plaza. The Mining Circle (left) and South Hall (right), May 1996 (53K and 35K jpgs)

During this session the wind was out of the south - a somewhat unusual circumstance for early summer. I launched the KAP gear on the now-treeless Memorial Glade and then walked the camera rig up to the Campanile Plaza to take these views. The Mining Circle shot shows a thin slice of Evans Hall to the left. Also evident are the as-yet-unfinished new chemistry building (upper right), and Campbell Hall (1959, mid-right.) The South Hall shot includes a mid-height slice of the Campanile and an overhead view of South Hall (1873), the oldest building on campus. Just beyond South Hall is Wheeler Hall (1918), a John Galen Howard design.

Views taken from above Earth Sciences, May 1996 (55K and 50K jpgs)

The left image shows the relatively new Northgate Entry to the CAL Campus. Seen as a circular element with two pillars, the Northgate Entry (1993) occurs opposite the intersection of Hearst and Euclid. Also visible in the image are the aptly named Parking Structure A (mid-left) and the new Graduate Theological Union Library (1988, upper left.) Over eight of the apartment buildings lining the north side of campus are sporting solar hot water collectors. The right image provides a southeast-facing view of the Campanile (1915) and Doe Library (1911). On the horizon, just to the right of the Campanile, is the Claremont Hotel. Barrows Hall (1964) presents its blocky self on the mid-right.

Views from above Moffit Library, May 1996 (43K and 21K jpg)

On the left is a scene that includes California Hall (1906, upper left), the heavily-used Dwinelle Hall (1952), and the newly-remodeled Valley Life Sciences Building (1930). On the right is a view of the new Life Sciences Addition (1992) and the Eucalyptus Grove in an image that was somewhat tilted. By and large my miniature Picavet suspension has been preventing this type of tilting but not long before this the rig had brushed the top of a tall tree. Perhaps that induced the tilt.

Plan view of the walkway between Doe Library and Moffit Library, May 1996 (30K jpg)

Visible are a corner of the new Doe Expansion Terrace with skylight, its newly-planted berm, and a corner of Moffit Library.

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