Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

Central Campus Revisited
UC Berkeley

go to location mapThe images on this page come from a return to the Central Campus area represented in a previous gallery page. On this occasion there was a thin overcast and winds barely capable of lofting the camera rig using the Sutton Flowform 30. The principal subject of this page is Doe Library, the campus' main library, and its recently completed underground expansion by architects Esherick, Homesy, Dodge, and Davis.

Views of Doe Library from its northeast corner, April 1996 (left 38K jpg, right 42K jpg, )

These views of Doe Library were taken by flying the camera rig adjacent to the library's corner. The camera seemed to be very stable in flight so I was able to walk it to within a few feet of the cornice. The two views are from essentially the same location. On the left is the library reading room's large arched window. This was a blind shot since I was on the other side of the building at the time. In the second shot (right) you can see the new entry plaza. The print was sharp enough to reveal every mortar joint in the brick pavers.

Skylight serving the new underground extension, April 1996 (39K jpg)

This image of the skylight is relatively straightforward. In the next images I closed in for a more detailed view.

Detail view of skylight, April 1996 (43K jpg)

This view of the skylight reveals lighting fixtures in the interior and the faint images of several balconies surrounding the library's subterranean light well.

Plan detail of the skylight's peak, April 1996 (37K jpg)

Closer yet this view shows the joining of the skylight's triangular lights and the welded seam of its cap. The camera was probably about 18 inches above the peak during the exposure.

New entry steps, north side of Doe Library, April 1996 (left 41K jpg, right 32K jpg, )

These are the entry steps at the library's new north entrance. We were taught in school that seating in exterior spaces works best when the relationship of the seats follows a concave pattern. This allows people to relate to each other during conversations. The two occupants of the steps have selected their seats in the one location that supports such a relationship.

Pollarded sycamores in new leaf, April 1996 (57K jpg)

The earlier Central Campus gallery page had several images of leafless pollarded sycamores at the Campanile Plaza. This shot shows the same trees as they are beginning to turn green.


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