Notes on Kite Aerial Photography: Photo Gallery

DNA Sculpture at the
Lawrence Hall of Science

Ground level view of the DNA sculpture, April 1996 (49K jpg)

go to location mapThese images mark a return to the DNA sculpture at the Lawrence Hall of Science. There was one shot of it on an earlier gallery page. It is a handsome sculpture, about sixty feet long, that also serves as a jungle gym. This view was taken from the ground during one of my windless visits. You can see a young girl climbing on the sculpture. The remaining shots were taken by the Yashica T4 lofted by the Sutton Flowform 30. Lift was marginal but I was ready to take what I could get.

Plan view from a height, April 1996 (37K jpg)

This view is probably from a height of around 200 feet and shows the entire sculpture on its rubber matting. You can tell by the shadows that there is a person climbing on the right side of the sculpture.

Oblique view featuring photographer, April 1996 (57K jpg)

Another shot showing the sculpture. I selected this one because of the fine shadow I'm casting as I stand to the right of the helix. The shadow extends pretty much the length of the frame.

Plan views of DNA sculpture with people, April 1996 (left 40K jpg, right 35K jpg, )

These views show both ends of the sculpture from directly above. In each image there are people adjacent to or climbing on the piece. I'd wanted to capture such a view thinking the juxtaposition of human and dna shadows would be interesting. But at the moment these images were taken the shadows are muddled and do not reveal the humans the way I desired. Guess I'll have to come back.

A bow tie adjustment, April 1996 (32K jpg)

While I was at the Lawrence Hall of Science a young couple showed up in formal attire. It was apparently prom night and they had stopped to have a photograph taken. This aerial shot captured the woman, and her shadow, as she adjusted her date's bow tie.


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