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Around the San Francisco Waterfront

Edge of the Pier, March 1996 (link to source photo, 19K jpg)

go to location mapAfter a spate of inauspicious weather it was a relief to have taken the images on the previous gallery page. The next day, a Sunday, broke with cloudy conditions but then tried to clear. Charlie, Thomas, and I decided to take a quick trip to San Francisco and there we were able to shoot a quick roll of film before clouds returned in earnest. These shots were taken along the San Francisco waterfront between Pier 39 and Aquatic Park.

A set of flags
punctuating the sidewalk,
March 1996 (left 47K jpg, right 35K jpg,
and lower 39K jpg)

As we drove along we spotted a set of decorative flags set in the sidewalk along water's edge. So we stopped and flew the Sutton Flowform 30 to take these photos. The wind came in as we worked and what started as marginal lift became quite strong. In addition the wind was flowing parallel to shore and was quite turbulent. The camera rig would move 10 feet up or down quite quickly. It made flying near the flagpoles entertaining.

Sky Watch - a 1984 sculpture by Roger Barr, March 1996 (60K jpg)

This polished metal sculpture is set in a flower bed just down from the flags. We were interested in how its shadow would read in a plan photograph and sure enough it turned out an interesting shape.

Municipal Pier at San Francisco's Aquatic Park, March 1996 (35K jpg)

This gently-curved pier encloses one half of Aquatic Park's protected anchorage. As can be seen in the image, the clouds finally caught up with us. Charlie thinks this view suggests a ying/yang figure.

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