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University of California, Berkeley
Central Campus

Pollarded Sycamores in the Campanile Plaza, December 1995 (link to source photo, 64K jpg)

go to location mapThese photographs were taken in the Central Campus area near the UC Berkeley Campanile, on the last day of 1995 - a mild, sunny Sunday afternoon. I'd visited this site several times over the preceding couple of months but had been unable to loft a kite for lack of wind. On this day there was a steady breeze from the north and after a bit of bother (climbing above lower level turbulence) the Sutton Flowform 30 found clear air. I used my old standby, the Yashica T4, to capture these photographs. I remain quite content with the camera's performance.

Pollarded Sycamores, December 1995 (left 56K jpg, right 60K jpg)

The Campanile Plaza, to the immediate north of the tower, offers a fine landscape of pollarded trees. The arbor crew had just finished trimming this year's growth from the tree's knobby branches leaving a dramatic, distorted plane of tree limbs (shown here at two different scales). I think it makes for an interesting set of photographs though I do wish I'd captured the crew doing their trimming.

Doe Library and its new underground addition, December 1995 (47K jpg)

This view faces northwest from a point-of-view above the Campanile Plaza. The arched window of Doe Library Reading Room is visible in the upper left of the image while to the center and right you can see the landscaping, skylights, and grass that cover the recently completed underground expansion.

Skylight for the underground library, December 1995 (38K jpg)

This closer view shows the large circular skylight serving library spaces below.

Evans Hall and Hearst Circle, December 1995 (46K jpg)

Also taken from above the Campanile Plaza, this view looks to the northeast past Evans Hall to see the circular pool at Hearst Circle. The photograph has the interesting property of having the sun directly behind the camera.

View toward Strawberry Canyon, December 1995 (47K jpg)

Those familiar with the campus will see two recently completed buildings in this view toward the east - the new Chemistry Building (near complete) and the Haas School of Business. In the distance is Memorial Stadium. The campus' architectural use of tile roofs provides a more stylistically coherent impression from this point of view than is evident from ground level.

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